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Sep 28 2021

New Yorker Magazine Promotes Ecoterrorism

The liberal elite is not moderate. It is radical. The flagship publication of pretentious highbrow liberals even promotes the crippling of the economy through ecoterrorism:

New Yorker magazine platformed a Swedish climate change activist who advocates blowing up pipelines in the name of climate justice on a recent episode of its “New Yorker Radio Hour” podcast.

The term “climate justice” is a warning that you have entered the realm of dangerous maniacs.

Andreas Malm is an associate professor at Sweden’s Lund University, and the author of the book “How to Blow Up a Pipeline: Learning to Fight in a World on Fire.” Malm’s book does not only have an eye-catching title; he actually advocates destroying any and all fossil fuel infrastructure.

“Damage and destroy new CO2-emitting devices,” Malm exhorts his readers.

Every mechanical device emits harmless CO2 in its operation and/or production, as does every human with each exhalation.

Modern environmentalism is a cover not just for communism, but for psychopathic nihilism. Not that Malm is not a Marxist:

“Property,” writes Andreas Malm, “will cost us the earth.”

Back when insufferable frauds like Leonard Bernstein were throwing parties for the Black Panther Party, extreme moonbat posturing was known as “radical chic.” With the federal government actually inflicting lunatic policies based on radical left ideology, it is no longer a harmless pose.

Vote for the people New Yorker wants you to and there is no need to dynamite pipelines; Joe Biden will destroy them. The effect — skyrocketing energy prices — is the same as if an Earth First radical did it with dynamite. The effect on the supposedly endangered climate is also the same: absolutely nil.

Malm predictably used the megaphone provided to him by the New Yorker to promote the destruction of property, explicitly calling for blowing up the pipelines needed to efficiently transport resources. New Yorker is unlikely to amplify viewpoints the leftist ruling class does not endorse. Imagine hearing someone on a New Yorker podcast worry about the effects of displacing the white working class with easily exploitable masses imported from the Third World.

Other pillars of the liberal establishment that have provided a sympathetic platform for Malm’s sociopathic views include the New York Times and the New Republic. Vox cofounder Ezra Klein has compared the ecoterrorism Malm calls for to the American Revolution and the civil rights movement, although Klein at least acknowledges that driving up energy prices by destroying pipelines hurts the poor the most.

So as to enjoy the cushy life of a college professor rather than risk prison, Malm leaves it to others to sabotage pipelines. However, he has admitted to deflating the tires of SUVs in order to save the climate. Seriously.

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