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Apr 12 2021

Now Fonts Are Racist

Democrats are terrified that Asians might assimilate into American culture, as Italian and Irish immigrants did before them. They want Asians to join the alienated cultural Marxist coalition against the core population. That’s why they manufacture racism against Asians that does not come from other members of the coalition (namely, blacks). CNN does its part by proclaiming that Chinese-looking fonts are racist:

Via Summit News:

[CNN propagandist] Anne Quito claimed that “chop suey” fonts to communicate “Asianness” in food packaging, posters and ad campaigns” are further evidence of “discrimination and systemic racism.” …

She made this ludicrous assertion despite admitting that the fonts were immediately adopted by Chinese immigrants who came to the United States to set up businesses.

These immigrants must have fallen victim to what Marx called “false consciousness.” They are the Uncle Toms of the Orient.

In contrast, the Greek-looking fonts on Greek restaurant signs are not racist. It is impossible to be racist against Europeans, because white people deserve racism against them, since they are racist and therefore bad. If this doesn’t make sense to you, you are a racist. Just ask CNN.

If the illustrations in Dr Seuss books can be racist for showing Chinese people eating with chopsticks and wearing traditional Chinese hats, the sign at the neighborhood Chinese restaurant can be racist for using Chinese-looking fonts. It may also be racist for Chinese restaurants to serve Chinese food.

Fortunately, with every passing day, a few more people figure out that if everything is racist, nothing is racist. Leftists’ grip on power becomes slightly less secure.

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