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Jun 25 2022

Now That’s More Like an Insurrection

If some guy in a buffalo costume trespassing in the People’s House qualifies as insurrection, what do you call this?

To quote this prominent congresswoman, second most senior member of the California congressional delegation, Chair of the House Financial Services Committee,

“To hell with the Supreme Court! We will defy them!”

Only 2 years after Black Lives Matter rioted all summer long with Democrat encouragement, the Future of the Democratic Party’s meaning is clear:

In case that was too subtle,

Democrat officeholders have decorum to consider. The people who elect them talk more like this — sorry about the obscenity:

As for Republican officer-holders,

[Tim] Walberg, a former pastor, is running for his eighth term in Congress. His office in Jackson, Michigan is located in a building shared with Jackson Right to Life. Both offices were vandalized, as was a house near the office. Jackson Police and Fire Services Director Elmer Hitt said that a sign near the building’s entrance was defaced with pink spray paint and multiple windows on the front side of the building were smashed. The front door was smashed. … The house nearby was also defaced with spray paint and “Jane’s Revenge” was written with the paint. …

Walberg said it is shameful that Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi refuse to condemn the actions of Jane’s Revenge and other threats of domestic terrorism made by pro-abortion activists.

More terrorism, here in Phoenix:

Having abortion in degenerate states controlled by liberals is not enough for them. The purpose of this terrorism is to impose the killing of innocent children by decree on states where voters reject it.

It would be hard to imagine a group of people more cartoonishly evil than today’s Democrats.

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