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Jun 25 2022

Relax, Libs: Travesties of Marriage Will Still Be Imposed

Abortion is a satanic travesty of the miracle of giving birth. This blasphemous act is the highest sacrament in the liberal religion, thus the tantrums over the long overdue repeal of Roe v. Wade. The second highest sacrament is a travesty of holy matrimony.

Like abortion, gay “marriage” was imposed by decree against the will of voters in a tyrannical ruling by the Supreme Court, namely, Obergefell v. Hodges. Liberals fret that it too will be repealed, despite the opinion repealing Roe explicitly ruling that out.

They needn’t worry. It looks like only Clarence Thomas has the belly to defend the US Constitution from the powerful LGBT lobby.

Consequently, the concept of marriage will degenerate ever further into farce. Marriage has to be elastic, because Love Is Love, whether a woman loves a man or a fence. A family is a family, even if it consists of a woman, a rag doll, and a baby rag doll.

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