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Sep 26 2023

NYC Alone Spends $Billions to House Illegal Aliens

The amount of our money that our Democrat rulers waste on red carpet treatment for the Third Worlders they import to displace us is too vast to grasp. In one sanctuary city alone, the hotel bill for the next 3 years goes into 10 figures. New York City is extending its contract with local hotels to house the deluge of “refugees”:

And the revised contract’s projected new total $1.365 billion price tag — nearly five times what the original deal called for — would just pay the rental fees to more than 100 hotels converted into emergency migrant shelters.

It doesn’t include the cost of city facilities and other rented sites housing homeless asylum seekers pouring into the Big Apple by the thousands every week.

Here’s a small surprise:

Adams has close ties to the hotel industry. The union representing 31,000 hotel workers — the Hotel Trades Council — was one of the first unions to endorse his campaign for mayor in March 2021.

The privileged few with a seat at the table actually benefit from Democrat rule. Otherwise, it would have been overthrown by now.

It was unclear Monday if the fat hotel contract is part of the estimated total $12 billion that Mayor Eric Adams has said the migrant crisis could cost the city over three years — absent additional financial aid from Washington and Albany.

Forget Albany; not even leftists like Kathy Hochul can wring this kind of money out of taxpayers, many of whom have been escaping New York anyway. The federal government will step in. It doesn’t have the money either, being over $33 TRILLION in debt, largely thanks to Biden. But it can print more. That way, everyone who worked hard to set aside savings gets to pay for criminals from faraway countries to be treated like royalty in New York City hotels.

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