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Dec 08 2021

“Omicron” Sounds Like “I Exterminate CCP” in Chinese

When naming Covid variants, the WHO skipped over Nu because it sounds like “new” and Xi because it reminds people of communist tyrant Xi Jinping, whose regime unleashed the virus on the world, probably after creating it at the Wuhan Institute of Virology. That’s why the current strain is known as Omicron. In light of the absurd overreaction to this mild strain, it is a fitting name, because it is an anagram for “moronic.” Nonetheless, they probably should have skipped another letter to Pi, if they want to stay in Xi’s good graces.

Via Taiwan News:

On Nov. 30, illustrator Germ Sir (細菌先生) uploaded an illustration onto his Facebook page in which he imagined an exchange between Tedros and his “big boss,” Chairman Xi, represented by Winnie the Pooh. In the illustration, Tedros eagerly reports to Pooh that the WHO has already passed over the Greek letters Xi and Nu to designate the latest COVID variant.

He then informs the “tubby little cubby all stuffed with fluff” that the new name is “Omicron.” Tedros barely finishes pronouncing the name when Pooh quizzically responds by pronouncing it “Wo mie gong?” (我滅共).

Word for word, the pronunciation of the Greek letter in Mandarin sounds like “I exterminate CCP,” thus crushing Tedros’ plan to appease his pudgy overlord.

Or maybe Tedros is having a little joke at the expense of the Chinese Communist Party. This is doubtful though, considering that he praised the ChiCom regime for its “transparency” after it allowed the virus to spread, keeping its transmissibility between humans hidden. Also, being a communist who has been accused of aiding genocide, Tedros is cut from the same cloth as Xi.

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