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Dec 08 2021

War on Christmas Escalates to Arson

Combine progressives’ perennial War on Christmas and hatred of Fox News for deviating from the Democrat party line with the normalization of political violence during the Black Lives Matter riots and you are bound to see incidents like this:

The massive All-American Christmas Tree outside Fox News’ New York City headquarters was seriously damaged in a fire early Wednesday…

Unlike most Black Lives Matter violence, this has resulted in an arrest.

Fox News security spotted the suspect, later identified as Craig Tamanaha, climbing the 50-foot-tall tree at the center of Fox Square just after midnight. The Sixth Avenue and 48th Street location is in the heart of Midtown.

Tamanaha’s résumé features homelessness and arrests for drug possession and public intoxication.

The red, white and blue-themed tree was 50 feet high, decorated with 10,000 glass ornaments and 100,000 lights. It took workers 21 hours to assemble the decorations.

No matter how much time and effort it takes decent people to create something, lowlifes can usually destroy it easily.

The Fox News tree isn’t alone:

An arson investigation has been launched after the Christmas tree at Oakland’s Jack London Square was partially damaged in a fire early Monday morning.

The flames did more damage to the lighting than to the 55-foot tree itself. It is unclear whether the official tree lighting will still take place Saturday as scheduled. A potential suspect fled the scene on a bicycle.

After the liberal establishment spent most of 2020 egging on rioting, which is now socially acceptable if associated with a left-wing cause, it would be naive not to expect a surge in arson and vandalism by the dregs of society.

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