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Apr 19 2021

Ontario’s Covid Tyranny and Democrats’ War on Police

A year and a month after “15 Days to Flatten the Curve,” Ontario has pushed Covid tyranny to new police state extremes:

Ontario expanded and extended a stay at home order on Friday and said police will be given new powers to stop and question people who leave home…

Ontario also announced restrictions on non-essential travel from neighbouring provinces starting Monday and said non-essential construction, including building projects at malls, hotels and office towers will shut down as of Saturday to deal with a raging third wave.

Whether this will have an effect on Covid is doubtful, but it will certainly have an effect on the economy.

In recent weeks Ontario has closed schools, restaurants, limited in-store shopping, and cancelled elective surgeries as a surge of admissions threatened to overwhelm hospitals.

Officials urge Canadians to rat each other out for having guests over. Even outdoor gatherings among people from the same household are restricted. Restrictions don’t have to help fight Covid; tyranny is an end in itself.

Meanwhile, the virus remains manageable in places that have opened up, like Florida and Texas.

Fortunately, there has been pushback. Police have refused to take part:

The Post Millennial reports that “39 out of 45 police agencies in Ontario said they would not abide by the imposition on civil liberties.”

Ontario Premier Doug Ford responded by backing down slightly. Police are now supposed to suspect Canadians of going to a gathering before stopping them for interrogation rather than doing it on a random basis.

The troubles in Ontario provide insight into the War on Police that Democrats have been waging under the banner of Black Lives Matter. It isn’t about their concern for petty criminals who get themselves killed while resisting arrest. No one cares when these people kill each other, as they do every day. It is about demonizing and undermining local police so that law enforcement can be “reimagined” — i.e., replaced by a federal force that is not responsive to the local community.

In the USA, authoritarian leftists control virtually all national institutions. To achieve true totalitarianism, they must now subvert or abolish local institutions, or they may suffer the embarrassing inconvenience of police who side with the public against them. Already we have seen sheriffs refuse to cooperate with decrees to release criminals or repress the law-abiding in the name of Covid. There will be more of this when Biden’s handlers come for our firearms.

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