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Jan 21 2022

Illegal Aliens Fly With Arrest Warrants as ID

Illegal aliens tend not to have valid ID, but that doesn’t clip their wings. To board a flight, they can just present their arrest warrants as identification:

Responding to Republican Texas Rep. Lance Gooden’s Dec. 15 inquiry about illegal migrants flying across the country, TSA Administrator David Pekoske explained that certain Department of Homeland Security (DHS) documents may be considered acceptable forms of alternate identification for non-citizens, including a “Warrant for Arrest of Alien” and a “Warrant of Removal/Deportation.”

This form of ID has the advantage of preventing them from turning up on terrorist watch lists, since they don’t have to use their real names.

Gooden earlier told the [Daily Caller News Foundation] that he was told by a border patrol officer that “they often have to take migrants at their word that they are who they say they are” when issuing DHS documents accepted by TSA as alternate forms of identification.

Meanwhile, law-abiding citizens are stripped naked by the TSA and dragged off flights if their toddlers won’t keep their pointless Covid muzzles on properly. As Daniel Greenfield observes,

That’s the paradox of our modern lawless society which is beset with laws, but in which the lawless population of homeless, criminals, and illegals who are part of the Dem client base, can steal, attack, and do whatever they want without having to follow any of the laws.

This state of affairs is known as anarchotyranny.

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Jan 21 2022

MSM Jumped to Amplify Bogus NPR Supreme Court Story

NPR’s claim that Sonia Sotomayor had to work from home because Neil Gorsuch refused the wishes of Sotomayor and an order from John Roberts to wear a Covid muzzle turned out to be fake news:

Far-left NPR, a taxpayer-funded propaganda outlet that regularly spreads lies, is again being credibly accused of spreading fake news with its sensationalistic report about left-wing Justice Sonia Sotomayor being forced to work from home because conservative Justice Neil Gorsuch refuses to wear a mask.

Gorsuch, Sotomayor, and Roberts have all gone on the record to confirm that the NPR story is not true.

The apparent point was to rescue Sotomayor’s floundering public image by painting her as the victim of a conservative justice, in the aftermath of her absurd assertion that 100,000 children are hospitalized in the USA in “serious condition” with Covid.

It isn’t just coercively financed NPR that we must never trust. The liberal establishment media will run with any story that it finds too good to check, as confirmed by this supercut of deceptive bullies:

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Jan 21 2022

Britain Restricts Sunrooms Because Global Warming

To the list of harmless good things restricted because our moonbat overlords regard them as offensive to the climate, we can now add sunrooms in Britain:

They may be a sought-after addition to many middle-class homes but the sun traps can overheat in our increasingly warm summers.

Because we all know how hot and sunny it gets in Britain.

From June, any conservatory intended as part of a new development will need to show it will not create ‘unwanted solar gain’.

“Solar gain” — like light bulbs, fossil fuels, economic freedom, and everything else leftists disapprove of — will make it be too warm, not just in the sunroom, but globally. Otherwise, what conceivable business could it be of Big Government whether you let the sun warm your sunroom?

The change is part of a raft of measures aimed at future-proofing homes against summers where temperatures are predicted to reach 40C (104F).

A high of 104°F would be mild for a summer day here in Phoenix, but is unlikely to be experienced in Britain, where as noted at Pirate’s Cove, the average daily high in July is 70°F. However, temperatures will skyrocket any minute now unless we turn over all power and wealth to leftists, according to global warming doctrine.

The new rules, which also aim to improve domestic ventilation and reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 30 per cent, will limit window sizes according to which direction they face and whether the home is likely to overheat.

As with increasingly preposterous Covid measures, decrees imposed in the name of global warming can only be comprehended when we regard tyrannical micromanagement as an end in itself.

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Jan 21 2022

US Military to Embrace Nonbinary Troops

The USA still has a much larger economy than China, generating far more wealth per capita. We still have the best equipped and most powerful military in the world. How long our advantage will last is an open question, given the ravages inflicted by moonbattery.

While China develops hypersonic missiles, US armed forces under Democrat rule focus on officially recognizing troops “whose gender identity is nonbinary.” approvingly reports:

The Pentagon has asked the Institute for Defense Analyses, or IDA, which operates federally funded research centers, to study the issue…

SPARTA President Bree Fram, an Air Force lieutenant colonel, likened the effort to the study the Pentagon asked Rand Corp. to conduct in 2015 before lifting the ban on transgender people serving in the military.

SPARTA is “an advocacy group for transgender troops.”

China’s People’s Liberation Army is unlikely to find itself tangled up in the demands of bizarre advocacy groups. It won’t be getting distracted by depraved foolishness like preferred pronouns.

The situation will get worse before it gets better, to judge by our respective systems of education:

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Jan 21 2022

Open Thread

When urbanity decays, civilization suffers and decays with it. - James Norman Hall

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Jan 20 2022

Why We Question Biden’s Cognitive Fitness

If the highlight posted earlier provided the essence of Biden’s dumpster fire of a press conference yesterday, this exchange taken from it sums up his cognitive condition:

James Rosen: Why do you suppose such large segments of the American electorate have come to harbor such profound concerns about your cognitive fitness?

Joe Biden: I have no idea.

Seriously, that was the full extent of his answer.

The Obama/Biden Administration had it in for James Rosen to the extent it had the weaponized Injustice Department collecting his phone records and tracking his movement. Rosen has just signed himself up for more of the same or worse.

In case Biden didn’t answer the question to your satisfaction, Mark Dice provides a more elaborate response:

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Jan 20 2022

Howard Stern: Deny Hospital Care to Unvaxxed

Tasteless 1990s shock jock Howard Stern’s attempts to remind us that he still exists are so pitiful, I don’t have the heart not to mention his proclamation that those who have not submitted to vaccination should be denied medical care at hospitals:

“It’s time for you to get [a Covid vaccine]. Now, if you don’t get it, in my America, all hospitals would be closed to you. You’re going to go home and die. That is what you should get.”

Stern would probably agree with Jim Kramer of CNBC that the military should be deployed domestically to impose vaccination by force.

Meanwhile, Covid continues to spread, despite high vaccination rates. Even the politicized CDC now admits that natural immunity is more effective than vaccination (despite what it said earlier). It still has not been explained why you should get vaxxed if you have already had Covid, or if you are too young for Covid to be a serious threat, especially considering the mildness of the Omicron variant.

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Jan 20 2022

Little Girl Smothers Her Dolly

Before children underwent 2 years of Covid hysteria, little girls played with dolls in ways that suggested nurturing. Now, their play suggests homicide by suffocation:

Making a child wear a Covid muzzle is pointless, unhealthy, and should be prosecuted as child abuse. The psychological consequences of submitting to exploitative tyrants for the past 2 years will continue to unfold for an entire generation.

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Jan 20 2022

Elizabeth Warren: Socialize Student Loan Debt

Marxist Senator Elizabeth Warren says Biden could rescue the floundering Democrat Party by canceling some or all of the $1,732,200,000,000.00+ in outstanding student loan debt with the tyrannical stroke of a pen, thereby forcing the rest of us to pick up the tab for what is largely a grotesque waste of money.

This is outrageously unfair to those who have struggled to pay their debts, or to avoid incurring them. In the video below, Fauxcahontas explains why she wants to do it anyway:

• A lot of people who ran up student loan debt never got their degrees.

• Forcing other people to pay off student debt would benefit politically sacred blacks.

She comes close to explicitly stating the real reason: although at the extravagant price of exacerbating the national debt and inflation crises, it would theoretically purchase 43 million votes for the Democrat Party. Purchasing some people’s votes with other people’s money is the party’s business model; it works on the principle of concentrated benefits and dispersed costs.

Student loans were nationalized as part of the Obamacare power grab. This illustrates how essential it is to resist any further nationalization tooth and nail. In the short term, nationalization leads to corruption and dysfunction, as surely here as in Venezuela. In the medium term, it is communism by increments.

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Jan 20 2022

Teacher: I Was Fired for Not Accepting Boy as Cat

If boys can identify as girls and girls as boys, and teachers are compelled to play along, why shouldn’t they identify as cats?

A woman who was working as a substitute teacher posted a video to social media alleging she was fired by school officials for not “identifying with” a student who “identifies as a cat” after she refused to meow back at the child in class.

A little girl in the front row informed her that she was supposed to meow back at the meowing boy, who presents himself as a cat. Instead, she made a crack about there being a litterbox in the room, sending the kid storming out.

A boy is no less a cat than he is a girl, and forcing the teacher to meow might be even more satisfying for kids than forcing her to use the wrong pronouns. More satisfying still might be getting her fired for refusing to obey them.

Presenting the teacher’s unconfirmed side of the story:

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Jan 20 2022

Biden Press Conference Highlight

Joe Biden held a rare press conference yesterday. His handlers will have to be truly desperate to let him hold another one. There was no need to sit through the entire 2-hour debacle; this provides the essence:

This is elder abuse. Time to get Creepy Joe out of the White House. Unfortunately, explicit Affirmative Action pick Kamala Harris won’t be any better.

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Jan 20 2022

Biden Administration Knew Afghan Air Force Would Collapse

Withdrawing from Afghanistan was a no-brainer. However, withdrawing abruptly, without preparation, was brainless. We were asked to believe that no one knew catastrophe would follow. Actually, everyone knew — including the Biden Administration.

Now, even AP admits it:

Months before President Joe Biden announced the U.S.’s complete withdrawal from Afghanistan last year, Washington’s watchdog warned that the Afghan air force would collapse without critical American aid, training and maintenance. The report was declassified Tuesday.

The report by the Special Inspector General for Afghanistan Reconstruction John Sopko, submitted to the Department of Defense in January 2021, underscores that American authorities had been alerted that Afghanistan’s air force did not have the capabilities to survive after a U.S. withdrawal.

Why didn’t the public know about this earlier? Political reasons.

The inspector general’s office told The Associated Press on Monday that it is rare for SIGAR reports to be classified but when they are, a declassified version is issued by the Pentagon in under two months. The office said it did not know why it took the Defense Department more than a year before declassifying this particular report, or why it did so now, five months after the Taliban took power.

Kudos to AP for not quite letting the Afghanistan debacle sink without a trace. Now if we could just get more information on the Americans Biden left behind.

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Jan 20 2022

Open Thread

Crisis is the rallying cry of the tyrant. - James Madison

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Jan 19 2022

Mask Freaks Take the L

At last, light appears at the end of the tunnel. Even Boris Johnson has come to realize that enough is enough:

The Prime Minister has scrapped his Covid-19 Plan B in England, ditching the use of face masks from next Thursday and telling people to stop working from home, signalling the beginning of the end of coronavirus.

He also ended face masks in schools from tomorrow and scrapped the use of Covid-19 passports from next Thursday.

Masks in particular have been increasingly acknowledged as pointless, serving mainly as symbols of submission, like Gessler’s hat. As Covid tyranny finally recedes, petty tyrants take a loss:

What have we here:

The change in coronavirus policy comes as many British lawmakers are calling for Johnson’s resignation, following reports of parties and other supposedly prohibited gatherings at the prime minister’s residence during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Labour leaders opposed to Johnson have accused him of hypocritically flouting coronavirus restrictions with “industrial scale partying.” Members of Johnson’s own party are also fed up with him, with prominent Conservative lawmaker and former Brexit secretary David Davis telling Johnson Wednesday, “In the name of God, go.”

If only all DAISNAID Covid hypocrites would turn against mandates, we could get this behind us.

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