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Sep 21 2023

Open Thread

Socialism is precisely the religion that must overwhelm Christianity. … In the new order, Socialism will triumph by first capturing the culture via infiltration of schools, universities, churches and the media by transforming the consciousness of society. - Antonio Gramsci

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Sep 20 2023

ESPN Features Professional Racist Ibram X. Kendi

Even the moonbats running Boston University are starting to back away from professional racist Ibram X. Kendi. But he can still find support even further on the left. What’s out there past academia? ESPN:

“Skin in the Game with Dr. Ibram X. Kendi” will debut on ESPN+ on Sept. 20, according to a news release from the network. The series “delves into and challenges racism in the sports world, and will reveal how pervasive racism is in sports.”

They mean racism against blacks. In the sports industry. Next, they should do a show on the epidemic of Islamophobia in Iran.

It is doubtful that he is getting $333 per minute for this, as he has for vomiting Critical Race Theory onto children. ESPN’s owner Disney has deep pockets, but not infinite resources like the government, which can always print more money when it runs out.

Kendi is associated with the term antiracism. He explains what it means:

“An antiracist policy is any measure that produces or sustains racial equity between racial groups.”

That is, antiracism is the failure to impose his racist ideology.

As for what “racist” means, Kendi can’t say.

The purpose of ESPN is to deliver leftist propaganda sugar-coated in sports. When the mind has been lulled into a stupor, there is less resistance to indoctrination. However, it has been getting so ham-fisted in its moonbattery that only someone who has already been brainwashed can watch it. Imagine trying to sit through this:

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Sep 20 2023

No Limiting Principles

Men and women alike now identify as dogs. Here’s why that makes perfect sense:

If Dylan Mulvaney is a woman, as our rulers demand we believe, then surely he can be a dog if he chooses to regard that as his “authentic” self.

The only limit to progressivism is the pushback presented by the decent and the sane. So far, there has been virtually none, so expect tomorrow’s liberal lunacy to make today’s look tame by comparison.

Maybe the moonbat religion has a god after all. The objective seems to be to degrade and destroy humanity. That would be Satan’s goal.

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Sep 20 2023

Calvin Ushery Gets Some Racial Justice

When moonbats bark about “racial justice,” what they mean is favoritism for the race they fetishize, and a kick in the teeth to the ones they don’t like for making their chosen people look bad. What they mean is this:

The brutal assault during a Wilmington, Delaware jewelry store heist played out before the jury, showing suspect Calvin Ushery allegedly attacking 68-year-old Chang Suh who was then stomped and hit in the head at least a dozen times… twice with the hammer.

The mistrial was declared after the jurors told the judge they could not reach a consensus in the state’s case against Ushery despite watching him attack Suh. Ushery is accused by prosecutors of robbery, assault, and other crimes tied to the September 2022 robbery of Solid Gold Jewelers on Ninth Street in downtown Wilmington.

Watch the video that jurors found unconvincing:

Presumably this is a case of jury nullification. If the suspect is black and the victim white or Asian, good luck convicting. Oppression has its privileges.

Although the media has gone out of its way to create a different impression, there is virtually no interracial violence against blacks. There is plenty between blacks and Asians, but it all goes one way (see here, here, here, here, etc.). This situation will not improve if black criminals continue to believe they have carte blanche.

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Sep 20 2023

Racist Beer

For anyone who finds Bud Light to be insufficiently woke, there are beers that are still more aggressive in their moonbattery. Some beers focus on taste, others on showcasing their race-based ideology. Examples of the latter include Weathered Souls Brewing and Hella Coastal:

Weathered Souls Brewing gained widespread recognition with their initiative, the “Black is Beautiful” beer.

The brewery invited other breweries across the US and around the world to join them in brewing their own version of “Black is Beautiful,” with the proceeds supporting organizations fighting racial injustice and promoting equality.

“Racial injustice” is Liberalese for insufficient race favoritism. Since we already have equality, what they probably mean is “equity.”

Sure enough:

Hella Coastal desires to foster a more equitable brewing industry. …

Hella Coastal has been involved in impactful work like Inclusion Beer, a project in which breweries are required to create their own DE&I committee.

In utopia, all breweries will be required to create diversity, equity, and inclusion committees.

Alternatively, you can drink beer produced by explicitly white-owned breweries that advocate on behalf of Europeans and the civilization they created. Just kidding; no such brewery would be allowed to exist.

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Sep 20 2023

Open Thread

I think Franklin Roosevelt was a lousy president. What he did- which is to impose this great nanny state on America- was a great mistake. - Ed Crane

Sep 19 2023

Jacinda Ardern Denounces Free Speech at United Nations

Covid tyrant Jacinda Ardern is no longer in power. However, she remains a menace to freedom. Watch her hold forth at the comparably pernicious United Nations regarding the need to suppress dissident speech — or as authoritarian moonbats call it, “mis- and disinformation”:

War is peace; freedom is slavery; censorship protects free speech, which must be abolished because it is a weapon of war.

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Sep 19 2023

Better Response to Lib Media on Attacking Russia

The liberals were mad enough over Elon Musk allowing conservatives some free speech on X. Now that he would not facilitate a military attack on the world’s preeminent nuclear power, they are furious:

CNN’s Jake Tapper asked Secretary of State Antony Blinken during an interview [last] Sunday whether the U.S. government will have any response to Elon Musk saying he denied Ukraine the ability to use his Starlink satellite system to launch an attack on Russia’s Black Sea fleet in Crimea.

Badgered Tapper:

“Musk effectively sabotaged a military operation by Ukraine, a U.S. ally, against Russia, an aggressor country that invaded a U.S. ally. Should there be repercussions for that?”

Surely there are some Third-World-quality solitary confinement cells in DC that are not already taken by election fraud protesters.

Compared to the liberal media establishment that Tapper personifies, Blinken is a voice of reason. He quacked vague duckspeak and refrained from denouncing Musk.

Tapper belligerently pursued the point:

“Musk says he was reportedly afraid that Russia would retaliate with nuclear weapons. Musk says that’s based on his private discussions he had with senior Russian officials.

“Are you concerned that Musk is apparently conducting his own diplomatic outreach to the Russian government? Really, none of this concerns you?”

Tapper must have one hell of a nice fallout shelter. The reckless moonbat actually condemned Musk for not provoking a nuclear war.

He then castigated the Biden Regime for not punishing the “capricious billionaire.”

Powerful Senator Elizabeth Warren is on the same page. Musk not using his satellites to attack Russia caused her to shriek:

“We need to investigate how this happened. What’s in those contracts that permits him to have this kind of power?”

With communists in control, Musk would not have the power to determine how his satellites are used, because Elizabeth Warren et al. would seize them along with everything owned by anybody.

Too bad Tapper didn’t interview Damon Imani instead. He had a better response:

The reason you have not been vaporized by a nuclear missile yet is that Jake Tapper and Elizabeth Warren don’t always get their way.

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Sep 19 2023

Brandon Johnson Wants Government Grocery Stores

After leftists like Justin Trudeau are finished deliberately destroying supermarkets in the Marxist tradition of controlling the population through the food supply, grocery stores will be run by the government. Chicago’s leftist Mayor Brandon Johnson wants to skip to that stage straight away:

Johnson said he wants to open city-owned grocery stores to serve neighborhoods that have become “food deserts” after four Walmart stores and a Whole Foods closed.

At least the government stores might get a police presence to protect them from the mobs of shoplifters who created the “food deserts.” Then again, with explicitly pro-criminal Johnson in charge, they probably won’t.

According to the Chicago Police Department, thefts are up 25% to-date year over year. Robberies are up 11%.

That’s what Chicagoans voted for. The city has entered the terminal stage of the Democrat Death Spiral and will soon resemble Detroit and Mogadishu

To get an idea of how well the government grocery stores will be stocked, visit the USSR. No wait, that collapsed. Visit Venezuela. But whatever food might be found will be produced in accordance with global warming theology, and no doubt there will be special discounts for “marginalized” racial and sexual groups.

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Sep 19 2023

Weeds Return to Choke Germany

As Jean-Baptiste Alphonse Karr observed, the more things change, the more they stay the same. For example, Leipzig used to be in the communist German Democratic Republic, were brainwashed students were forced to attend political demonstrations in support of leftist ideology. Now it is in the Federal Republic of Germany, where everything is different and the same:

Last Friday, participation in the “Global Climate Strike” of the radical organisation “Fridays for Future” was compulsory for tenth graders at a Leipzig grammar school. …

[P]articipation was declared compulsory as part of a “sustainability project day”. Morning and afternoon classes were cancelled for this purpose. …

Four days earlier, at the parents’ meeting of the Gerda Taro School in Leipzig, some mothers and fathers were said to have protested vehemently. “It’s just like in the GDR,” complained one father. At that time, the pupils were also sent to demonstrations.

Germans were not liberated once and for all when the Nazis lost or when the Berlin Wall fell, because no one is ever liberated once and for all. Weeds start returning to choke the garden the moment you stop pulling them.

Sep 19 2023

Open Thread

Every unskilled illegal immigrant who enters the United States for work drives up healthcare costs for every American. And, every illegal immigrant we turn a blind eye toward weakens the rule of law our country is founded on. - Elton Gallegly

Sep 18 2023

Canada and Belgium Lead the Way on Euthanasia

To see what liberals have in store for us, look to the countries where leftists have the least resistance. Canada and Belgium suggest that the economic inefficiency of socialized medicine will be addressed with the final solution.

In Canada, even some Catholics go along:

Dr. Danielle Kain … was appointed to the directorship of palliative care at Providence Hospital in Kingston, Ontario, July 1.

The Kingston hospital is one of 22 health care institutions in Ontario under the sponsorship of Catholic Health Sponsors of Ontario (CHSO). The CHSO was formed in 1998 to assume responsibility for institutions formerly under the guidance and management of congregations of religious sisters.

Kain is both a staunch proponent and practitioner of euthanasia.

Medical Assistance in Dying — which has already been presented as a cure for long wait times, anorexia, PTSD, poverty, and needing a wheelchair lift (not for regretting sex change surgery though) — sounds great to Kain:

Kain has argued that all publicly funded institutions, including Catholic hospitals, should be compelled to offer MAiD.

Kain says death by doctor can be “both poignant and peaceful.”

Turning to Belgium — where young women are euthanized for feeling depressed — we see that it is plenty poignant but not always peaceful:

Alexina Wattiez, who was just 36 years old, sought euthanasia after being diagnosed with terminal cancer. In 2021, her doctor informed her that she would not survive for another year, and by March of 2022, her health was deteriorating.

Christophe Stulens, Wattiez’s partner, was there when she died, along with his 15-year-old daughter, Tracy. A doctor and two nurses came to the home that the three shared to carry out the euthanasia. “After a short night’s sleep, I was woken up by a nurse who told me that Alexina was doing very badly,” Stulens said. “Then the doctor took some syringes and we were asked if we wanted to say goodbye.”

Stulens and his daughter were told to wait outside, so they went onto the terrace, but what they thought would be a peaceful death quickly turned horrific: they heard screaming.

“I recognized her voice,” he said. “Afterwards we saw her lying on the bed with her eyes and mouth open.”

An autopsy was performed, and found that Wattiez died of asphyxiation. Allegedly, the nurses took turns using a pillow to suffocate her.

An overweight old guy with mobility issues in Utah and a disabled veteran in Tennessee suggest that government agencies outside the traditional healthcare purview could be brought in to conduct these procedures more efficiently, when euthanasia is inevitably extended beyond the sick and the poor to others whose existence is inconvenient to authorities, such as dissidents.

The drugs used in assisted suicide are often the same used for executions, and they are frequently known to fail. Additionally, while the process of dying may look peaceful, in reality, there is a serious possibility of severe pain.

Victims immobilized by drugs may experience any extreme of agony without external indications.

The drawbacks of pharmaceutical homicide are among the arguments for returning to hanging and firing squads for executions. But that approach to euthanasia would require authorities to admit what they are doing.

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Sep 18 2023

Watch Moonbat Barista at Play

Other corporations have been catching up in terms of woke policy, but thanks to its baristas, Starbucks still offers a distinctive moonbat ambience:

Jesse Scott Johnson (AKA “Jessica Lillian Johnson”) is part of the ABDL (Adult Baby and Diaper Lover) community, whose members obtain sexual pleasure from wearing diapers and being humiliated.

Being a moonbat is the ultimate humiliation. For those who succumb to moonbattery, this is not a bug but a feature. But Johnson wants still more. So he uses the a whipped cream dispenser to load his diaper. Then he pours in a grande’s worth of ice.

Libs of TikTok wonders why Johnson is wearing diapers instead of pants at work. Not even John Fetterman has done that. At first I assumed he works in California or New York, but no; the location is Missouri, deep in the Heartland. America is as saturated with moonbattery as Johnson’s diapers are with whipped cream and whatever else might be found in there.

Warning — watching moonbats at play is disturbing:

Anyone who goes into a Starbucks after watching that has one hell of a stomach.

Now you know where progressives will progress to next after LGBTism and pedophilia.

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Sep 18 2023

Ibram X. Kendi Wearing Out His Welcome?

Race hustler Ibram X. Kendi has had tremendous success monetizing his hatred of Caucasians. But his low IQ, vile personality, and general uselessness might be catching up to him:

The Boston University Center for Antiracist Research fired between 15 and 20 employees, multiple outlets have reported.

“Antiracist” is Liberalese for “racist against whites.”

Kendi began the center in June 2020 at the peak of a movement to defund police…

The liberal establishment-backed mania for extolling Black Lives Matter and crippling local police predictably drove crime rates through the stratosphere. It appears to be subsiding — at least until Democrats find nationwide race riots expedient again.

The move marks a dramatic shift compared to the research center’s staffing in August, which listed 45 employees just one month ago, according to a since-deleted page on the center’s website.

Despite his lofty stature as a professional racist, Kendi cannot define the term racism. He is such a jerk that he denounced Amy Coney Barrett as a committer of colonialism for rescuing Haitian children from poverty by adopting them.

The winds might be changing. Not long ago, Kendi was raking in massive donations from white liberals eager to virtue signal how much they loathe themselves. Former Twitter head Jack Dorsey gave him $10 million. The Rockefeller Foundation kicked in $1.5 million. Public schools have paid him as much as $333 per minute to vomit Critical Race Theory onto children.

If Kendi is wearing out his welcome even at hyperliberal Boston University, we may have the high water mark of moonbattery behind us.

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