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Mar 05 2021

Paris Climate Agreement Would Require COVID-19 Lockdown Every 2 Years

The Bond villains comprising the World Economic Forum aren’t the only ones to note the allegedly beneficial reduction of CO2 emissions that has resulted from the economy-crushing ChiCom virus lockdowns.

The Blaze reports:

Climate scientists said that the pandemic lockdown has led to a historic decrease in CO2 emissions, but added that the equivalent of a lockdown every two years would be needed to fulfill the Paris climate agreement.

Reentering that agreement was a priority from the beginning for Biden’s handlers, who aggressively oppose American interests in favor of globalism, leftist ideology, and the Great Reset.

The scientists did not recommend lockdowns every two years, but only that policy changes on the scale of a lockdown were necessary.

That is, crippling the economy to the extreme of the coronavirus lockdowns will be necessary.

The United States pulled out of the Paris Agreement in 2019 under the direction of former President Donald Trump. Critics of the climate agreement have noted that the goals of the pact appear to unfairly target the United States while allowing for other nations to pollute with few regulations.

We are back in it now, because elections have consequences, none of them good when Democrats win.

Fortunately, there is zero chance that the agreement will result in economic suppression sufficient to achieve the arbitrary CO2 goals that the experts are paid to pretend will improve the weather. Countries like China and India will continue to grow their economies at a healthy pace. Less fortunately, the same cannot be said about the USA, so long as it is ruled by people who do not mean it well.

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