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Sep 25 2022

People Begin to Learn the Truth About Slavery

The de facto state religion of the USA under Democrat rule is based on the concept that whites are inherently morally wrong because of slavery. The leftist ideologues who control the schools and media are correct that whites played a key role in the institution of slavery. It was nearly universal throughout the world from before recorded history until whites largely ended it.

The main instrument responsible for marginalizing slavery to backwaters like Africa was the British Empire — upon which leftists have been vomiting bile on the occasion of Elizabeth II’s death. Britain’s control of the seas allowed it to suppress the international slave trade.

Ending slavery cost hundreds of thousands of white lives in the USA. The Civil War was not the first war America fought against slavery. “The Shores of Tripoli” is a reference to the war Thomas Jefferson fought against Muslims to force them to stop enslaving Americans.

All races have enslaved and have been enslaved. Blacks are not special in this regard, despite what kids are taught in Democrat-run schools.

The truth will out. Even left-leaning comedians might sometimes go off the reservation and admit to it, as Bill Maher did recently in the context of ridiculing presentism. The slavery part starts at 2:17:

Yet we are endlessly bullied with the assertion that blacks are oppressed because some of their ancestors were slaves prior to 157 years ago.

It would be hard to call CNN propagandist Don Lemon oppressed, although admittedly he has had a rough ride lately. Not only has CNN demoted him from his prime time slot in an attempt to restore credibility, but he is leaving with the imprint of UK royal commentator Hilary Fordwich’s shoe on the seat of his pants:

Candace Owens helps fill the gap left by our ideologically deranged schools with this brief history of slavery from Prager University:

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