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Apr 06 2021

Poetic Justice for Black Lives Matter in Hungary

Even in these dark times, there are parts of the world where moonbattery does not prevail. Hungary, for example.

Black Lives Matter and its Antifa allies are famous for defacing and tearing down statues of great men who represent the civilization they are committed to destroying, including George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Christopher Columbus, and many more. In Hungary, BLM reaped as it has sown:

[Last Friday], a rainbow-coloured statue in honour of the Black Lives Matter movement was inaugurated in Budapest.

Not everyone was pleased.

Our Homeland Movement … said the statue was “an anti-European, anti-white, anti-heterosexual, and anti-Christian symbol”.

Hungarians appear to know more about Black Lives Matter than Americans who rely on the MSM for news.

It was planned that the rainbow-coloured statue would have been displayed until April 14th. However, in the time since the statue was erected, the statue was fenced up, then doused with paint, and demolished and smashed on Friday morning.

It was hit by three separate attacks and destroyed within hours of its unveiling. What goes around comes around.

On a tip from ABC of the ANC.


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