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Nov 06 2021

Portraits in Climate Cultism: Roger Hallam

The ultraleft wish list Democrats are trying to ram through includes a staggering $8 billion set aside to establish a Civilian Climate Corps. This would consist of paying envirofascist activists to harangue people with deranged propaganda. Climate activist Roger Hallam of Extinction Rebellion provides an example of the sort of lunacy they want to force you to pay to disseminate.

In his manifesto, Hallam explains what will happen if we do not obey tyrants who exploit the global warming hoax. First, society will collapse. Then,

A gang of boys will break into your house demanding food. They will see your mother, your sister, your girlfriend, and they will gang rape her on the kitchen table. They will force you to watch, laughing at you. At the end, they will accuse you of enjoying it. They’ll take a cigarette and burn out your eyes with it. You will not be able to see anything again. This is the reality of climate change.

Whether this sick fantasy convinces anyone that Big Government must seize control of the weather through punitive taxation and hyperregulation is fortunately doubtful.

Hallam advocates a strategy that Black Lives Matter and Antifa types would be happy to implement on behalf of the Democratic Party:

Action needs to be dramatic, epic, outrageous, fearless… and illegal. Think of your most ambitious idea, and times it by 10. Feel the fear, put it to one side, and do it anyway. It will be glorious. It will make you a hero… It is then a matter of honour and duty to transgress normality…

Imagine paying climate kooks $billions to promote this insane cult for the purposes of allowing Democrats to achieve more power over us by dramatically lowering our standard of living.

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