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Dec 23 2020

Portraits of White Judges Deemed Systemic Racism

Evidence of systemic racism in the legal system has finally been uncovered. It turned up in Falls Church, Virginia:

A Black defendant’s right to a fair trial would be harmed if the jury heard the case in a courtroom lined with portraits of white jurists, a northern Virginia judge has ruled.

The upcoming trial of Terrance Shipp on charges of eluding police will be held in a courtroom that has no portraits on the wall, said Fairfax County Circuit Court Judge David Bernhard.

Due to coronavirus, Shipp’s trial was originally moved to a larger courtroom, which is racially unjust because the walls there featured portraits of retired judges, most of whom are inexcusably Caucasian.

Bernhard, who was born in El Salvador, ruled that the portraits are unacceptable because they “may serve as unintended but implicit symbols that suggest the courtroom may be a place historically administered by whites for whites.”

We’ll see if any lawyers are able to get convictions overturned on the grounds that there were pictures of white people on the walls at the trial.

We have to choose: we can have justice, or we can have “racial justice”; we can’t have both. Liberals choose racial justice by allowing moonbats to infest courtrooms. The portrait business is unlikely to be Bernhard’s only racially deranged ruling.

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