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Aug 17 2021

Possible Explanation for the Afghan Army’s Collapse

Considering that we spent 20 years training and showering $billions upon the Afghan army, how is it that it lost without noticeable resistance to the Taliban that it vastly outnumbered? Although everyone but Biden knew this would happen, it seems strange, considering that the Taliban consists of backwater savages who do not enjoy state of the art training or lavishly expensive equipment (until now that they have captured ours). This might help explain it:

The Afghan army was trained and supervised by General Mark Milley, the US Commander that insisted before Congress a month ago that he is fine with military officers and soldiers being indoctrinated with the divisive racist critical race theory which will leave brothers in arms looking suspiciously at each other, questioning the moral strength of their racist country as they go into battle against lethal enemies.

A low-wattage left-wing apparatchik who considers the greatest threat to America to be Republicans is Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. The Secretary of Defense is cut of the same defective cloth. They both take orders from the handlers of the one person no one could possibly respect, Joe Biden, who is infamous for always being wrong.

Until this state of affairs is corrected, any military development that is not a total debacle will come as a surprise.

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2 Responses to “Possible Explanation for the Afghan Army’s Collapse”

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