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Sep 03 2022

Prebunking Thoughtcrime Through Psychological Inoculation

Sometimes moonbattery reduces science to propaganda that we can hope is too moronic to do much damage. Other times, moonbats attempt to apply science — or at least, something vaguely like science — for nefarious purposes. From ScienceDaily:

Short animations giving viewers a taste of the tactics behind misinformation can help to “inoculate” people against harmful content on social media when deployed in YouTube’s advert slot, according to a major online experiment led by the University of Cambridge.

“Misinformation” and “disinformation” are euphemisms for thoughtcrime.

Researchers behind the Inoculation Science project ( compare it to a vaccine: by giving people a “micro-dose” of misinformation in advance, it helps prevent them falling for it in future — an idea based on what social psychologist’s call “inoculation theory.”

Sander van der Linden, who leads Cambridge’s Social Decision-Making Lab, boasts that this tactic to “prebunk misinformation” through “psychological inoculation” can be scaled to influence millions of users.

We are led to believe that the intent is not to impose a particular political viewpoint, but only to protect the public from “being manipulated.” Then we are told this:

Google — YouTube’s parent company — is already harnessing the findings. At the end of August, Jigsaw will roll out a prebunking campaign across several platforms in Poland, Slovakia, and the Czech Republic to get ahead of emerging disinformation relating to Ukrainian refugees. The campaign is designed to build resilience to harmful anti-refugee narratives, in partnership with local NGOs, fact checkers, academics, and disinformation experts.

In other words, they want to protect people from manipulation by manipulating them into putting up less resistance to being overwhelmed by refugees.

This is far from the most nefarious purpose the moonbat cult running Google will find for the technique, should it prove effective.

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