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Sep 29 2023

Princeton Offers Program in Becoming a Drag Queen

The cost of attending Ivy League Princeton is $83,140 per year for undergraduates. For the money, you get credentials that allow you to pursue a career — like being a drag queen:

A new “Drag University” program launched at Princeton University will train students in the “artform.” …

Throughout the 2023-24 school year, enrolled participants will cover an array of topics, including the history of drag, “Sewing 101,” choreography, face painting, photoshoots and other topics, according to the program’s registration form.

You can see why those who use college to defer adulthood might want taxpayers to pick up the tab, as Joe Biden insists in defiance of the Supreme Court.

Any institution that falls to the Long March of Moonbattery will be degraded into farce and destroyed. The Ivy League has been no exception.

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