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Dec 30 2020

Profiles in Countermoonbattery: Marsha Blackburn

Should the government hand everyone $600 dollars of everyone else’s money? Or should it hand them $2,000, as Trump and the Democrats want? The correct answer is neither. Marsha Blackburn gets it:

“Now, we know that what the Democrats are trying to do with this is to put us on a pathway to a guaranteed the minimum income, which is one of their socialist agenda items.”

Blackburn feels that if there is going to cash handed out, it should at least be targeted to those who need it.

“The best stimulus is a job,” she continued. “But they don’t want to open the economy, they don’t want to get children back to school. They would prefer to keep people locked in their houses and out of work” until there are widespread vaccinations for coronavirus.

People have a way of getting used to free handouts. Democrats are counting on it.

Of course, nothing is really free. Those with savings and those living on fixed incomes will pay the bill for Big Government’s largesse in the form of inflation.


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