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Oct 12 2020

Profiles in Countermoonbattery: Sean Parnell, Alek Skarlatos

No wonder Democrats are desperate to seize power and secure it permanently with schemes like abolishing the Electoral College, statehood for DC and Puerto Rico, and packing the Supreme Court. They must have seen the talent the GOP has been raising on the farm — including Sean Parnell and Alek Skarlatos, who are challenging Democrats for seats in Congress.

Liberal elitists have the media on their side, but up-and-coming Republicans counter with some great ads:

Presenting Sean Parnell, from Pennsylvania:

Presenting Alek Skarlatos, from Oregon:

The Black Lives Matter/Antifa revolutionaries out there looting and tearing down statues are spurious. They are enabled, advocated, and even financed by a liberal establishment that wants to tighten its grip on power. The real rebels are the ones who will dislodge the bloated liberal elite from power via the ballot box.

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