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Oct 27 2020

Pushback Against COVID-19 Tyranny in Wales

In Wales, COVID-19 tyranny has reached extremes of arbitrary idiocy that might shock even Gretchen Whitmer. It has been described as psychotic and absolutely deranged.

Lockdown didn’t work the first time, yet they are imposing it again. Freedom of religion is among the casualties. Police roadblocks prevent people from escaping Wales. As in Whitmer’s Michigan in its darkest days, even when stores are open, areas selling goods deemed by the government to be “nonessential” are sealed off.

Gwilym Owen has had enough:

A video out of Wales shows a furious shopper in a branch of Tesco tearing away plastic sheeting used to cover “non-essential” goods while decrying a COVID lockdown that is robbing people of “basic human needs.” …

Tesco responded by saying they had been ordered by the government to cover up the items.

Go for it, Gwilym:

COVID-19 will be remembered as a vast experiment to determine how much tyranny people will tolerate.

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