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Oct 27 2020

Overpaid Ballplayer DeAndre Hopkins Flips Off Trump Supporters

Absurdly overpaid ballplayers don’t show much respect for the regular Americans who fund their extravagant lifestyles:

Arizona Cardinals wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins, 28, appeared to flip off a miles-long caravan of Trump supporters as he drove past in his Ferrari on the way to State Farm Stadium for Sunday night’s game against the Seattle Seahawks.

According to KSAZ-TV, a caravan of people supporting President Donald Trump for re-election rallied that day on several Arizona highways, including I-17, Loop 101, 202, and I-10.

Hopkins, who drove past the caravan making obscene gestures with both hands, was easily identified by a distinctive shirt that he showed up in at the stadium soon afterward.

His appalling behavior went beyond disrespect into reckless disregard for public safety:

Members of the pro-Trump caravan accused Hopkins of driving recklessly, speeding and swerving in and out of the caravan line.

He has a reason to behave like a sociopath:

Hopkins is a vocal Black Lives Matter supporter…

If he believes in Black Lives Matter, he must believe that all those normal people supporting their president are racists responsible for his intolerable oppression. If it weren’t for them, he wouldn’t have to drive a Ferrari. He wouldn’t have to scrape by on the $29 million per year he makes playing a game for part of the year. That must be why he supports a movement devoted to denigrating our country and tearing it down.

No doubt more than a few of the people he flipped off and endangered are Cardinals fans. Or at least they were. Eventually, regular Americans will figure out that moonbat entertainers need us; we do not need them.

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