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Dec 07 2020

Pushback Against Politicization of Sports?

Sports are no longer neutral territory. As we saw when athletes in a variety of sports literally knelt in obeisance to Marxist terrorists while Black Lives Matter race riots were raging, sports have been absorbed by the militantly woke left. Moonbats have literally planted their flag on the conquered territory — although that flag suffered some damage during a British soccer game:

Jamie Vardy scored in the 90th minute to give Leicester a 2-1 victory at Sheffield United in the Premier League on Sunday.

While celebrating the big goal, he slid into a corner Gay Power flag, snapping the pole:

Kudos to Vardy. Whether deliberately or otherwise, he reclaimed the field from leftist politics in the name of athletics.

Predictably, Twitter resounds with pearl-clutching moonbats shrieking in outrage at this act of blasphemy. Stand by for Jamie Vardy’s cancelation.

On a tip from Lyle.


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