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Apr 29 2022

Pushback Kills Memorial to Kenosha Rioter

Even now, the liberal establishment deifies the scumbags who tore the country apart during the 2020 riots. Good thing pushback sometimes works:

A public meeting in Kenosha, Wis., descended into chaos Monday night as one resident accused the parks commission of quietly trying to approve a proposal to memorialize one of the two men killed by Kyle Rittenhouse in 2020.

The commission ultimately tabled the proposal after multiple residents showed [opposition to] the placement of a memorial tree and plaque commemorating Anthony Huber at Anderson Park.

Huber had already begun to compile a criminal record when he acquired his 15 minutes of fame during a riot in support of violent sociopath Jacob Blake by trying to use a skateboard to bash in the skull of a well-meaning kid who was there to defend people’s property. Fortunately, Kyle Rittenhouse was armed.

A vignette from the criminal history of Anthony Huber came to light during the attempted railroading of Rittenhouse, and provides insight into what the town bureauweenies want taxpayers to memorialize:

“[Anthony] Huber told his brother that if he didn’t start cleaning a room in his house he was going to gut him like a pig,” Rittenhouse’s lawyer Corey Chirafisi said adding that Huber did this while holding a 6-inch butcher’s knife to the brother’s stomach. …

Huber allegedly sat back watching the brother and his grandmother clean while threatening to kill the brother if he stopped, Chirafisi said.

“Huber grabbed his brother by the neck, dug his nails in and choked him for approximately ten seconds,” the lawyer said. “He put a knife to his brother’s left ear and his brother felt it cut.”

“I’m going to burn the house down with all you f—kers in it,” Chirafisi told the judge Huber said.

Former Kenosha alderman Kevin Mathewson now works as an investigative journalist. He notes that the commission tabled the proposed Anthony Huber memorial instead of voting it down, allowing themselves to slip it past later when no one is paying attention. That’s why we must always be on guard, lest we one day find ourselves living in a country where liberals have replaced all the heroes with criminals and creeps.

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