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Dec 02 2020

Quota Craze Escalates

Having liberals in charge means mandated diversity — that is, systematic discrimination against whites, men, and those who do not publicly announce that they indulge in sexual deviancy. It means quotas.

Not all liberal tyranny is imposed by Big Government. Wall Street — which gave five times as much to Biden as to Trump, despite Biden’s Marxist rhetoric — can impose quotas on its own:

Nasdaq, the second-largest U.S. stock exchange, filed a proposal with the Securities and Exchange Commission that would mandate listed companies to have a minimum of two “diverse directors,” including one who “self-identifies as female and one who self-identifies as either an underrepresented minority or LGBTQ+.”

Meritocracy is no good because it discriminates against the unqualified. So our liberal ruling class is replacing it with an identity caste system that places hated white male heterosexuals at the bottom.

This form of bigotry will degenerate into total farce when normal white guys start “self-identifying” as gender-queer female Eskimos so as to keep their jobs.

The practice of requiring a quota for preferred sexual orientations and racial groups could run afoul of U.S. laws prohibiting discrimination based on race and sex.

That’s why it is so important that Democrats win the Georgia races and take control of the Senate. Then Harris I mean Biden can pack the Supreme Court. Laws will no longer be an obstacle to progress.

The rule would let foreign companies off easier than U.S. companies. Foreign companies would be able to fill the quota with two female directors, ignoring the requirement for an underrepresented racial minority or LGBTQ+ director.

Liberals are always more favorably disposed toward foreign countries, particularly hostile ones. For details, refer to Joe Biden’s foreign policy.

Companies that do not meet the quota would be forced to explain why they did not have directors with the preferred racial and sexual identities.

Not being able to find enough tokens who can compete on merit is unlikely to be accepted as an explanation. Companies will have to create dummy seats, paying people lavishly just to sit there and be diverse so that NASDAQ can impress us all with its devotion to coercive Cultural Marxism.

The announcement of the proposal included an endorsement by Anthony Romero, the executive director of the American Civil Liberties Union.

Once, the ACLU at least pretended to defend liberty. Now it openly advocates companies being forced to discriminate on the basis of race, sex, and sexuality.

NASDAQ’s President Nelson Griggs isn’t the only one who thinks candidates should be chosen by race:

House Majority Whip and South Carolina Congressman Jim Clyburn said in national media interviews this week he wants President-elect Joe Biden to appoint more Black people to prominent positions in the administration, Clyburn’s office confirmed.

Wonderful idea. Belligerently discriminating against people who aren’t black will end divisiveness and unite America.

Biden received 90% of the black vote. His constituents expect favoritism at everyone else’s expense. That’s how the identity politics game is played.

The quota craze isn’t limited to the USA. Consider the British government’s leftist propaganda service:

BBC Studios, the largest producer of content in Great Britain, is imposing a 20 percent diversity quota on all new productions…

The studio announced the quotas on Monday, saying in a press release that the new “inclusion rider” is effective immediately and will apply to on-screen talent and well as behind-the-scenes staff on all new BBC and third-party U.K. commissions. The rider targets so-called “BAME” individuals — black, Asian, minority ethnic people, as well as the disabled and low-income individuals.

Those in charge don’t need to worry that content produced by people chosen on the basis of politically favored identity rather than talent will degrade the quality of the output. Quality is to be judged according to quotas.

Society is not transformed by quotas alone:

“These initiatives are by no means a magic bullet and we’re also doing a lot of work on culture and education to make our teams more inclusive,” Ralph Lee, BBC Studios’ director of content, said in a statement.

You didn’t think the Cultural Marxist propaganda was going to let up, did you? Without a relentless barrage of brainwashing, the people being discriminated against might start to push back. One day, they might even grow bold enough to advance their own interests.

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