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Sep 18 2020

Race-Based Reproduction Incentives in San Francisco

Race-based social engineering suffered a setback with the fall of the Third Reich. Now it is making a comeback. San Francisco will pay blacks and Pacific Islanders $1,000 per month to have babies. Disfavored racial groups like whites and Asians are on their own.

This is on the level:

Mayor London Breed on Monday introduced the Abundant Birth Project, which will give a basic income supplement to 150 Black and Pacific Islander women during pregnancy. They’ll get $1,000 a month through their pregnancy and for the first six months postpartum, “with a goal of eventually providing a supplement for up to two years post-pregnancy,” the mayor announced.

Breed explicitly confirms that the incentives are “rooted in racial justice” — i.e., in the vindictive anti-Caucasian cultural Marxist ideology that is increasingly also anti-Asian.

Looks like they named Breed right, considering her predilection for racially oriented breeding.

By encouraging black women to give birth outside of wedlock, Breed is helping to keep her fellow blacks down, even as she makes them more numerous. There is no more reliable predictor of failure than growing up in a single-parent household.

Surprise surprise; Yahoo shut off the comments on this article. The information gatekeepers wouldn’t want anyone mitigating their heavy spin in favor of the Abundant Birth Project by pointing out that it is racist to the last extreme, and racism is supposed to be wrong.

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