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Sep 30 2020

Racial Arsonist Paid Ibram X. Kendi $333/Minute by Public School

As noted earlier, Caucasian-hater Ibram X. Kendi is nowhere near as dumb as his rhetoric, having realized that there is big money in moonbattery. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey gave him $10 million. Taxpayers must have deep pockets too:

The Fairfax County school district is defending its decision to pay $20,000 for an author who spoke to its administration and school leaders about racism for one hour.

That comes to over $333 per minute. Not bad pay for spewing poisonous lies. I wonder if he shared with the educrats his insight that Amy Coney Barrett is reprehensibly guilty of colonialism for adopting children from Haiti.

FOX 5 asked the district if the money could have been spent on something more germane to the current education climate – like technology training for teachers or more resources for transitioning back to in-person learning.

They say funds allocated for COVID-19 have specific uses beyond Kendi’s presentation.

Funds allocated for… What the…?!?!?!

Looks federal taxpayers financed Kendi’s pernicious BS in the name of COVID-19.

This poisonous ideology is largely responsible for the riots that have been tearing our country apart. That’s why Trump admirably banned critical race theory brainwashing for government employees and federal contractors.

If only bureaucrats would pile up our money and set it on fire, instead of using it to systematically destroy American society.

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