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Jul 06 2021

Greatest Generation Meets Modern Moonbattery

Gwen Berry unfortunately is not the only moonbat who falls far short of deserving the honor of representing the USA in the Olympics. Via Becker News:

Members of the U.S. women’s soccer team turned away and put their hands behind their back during the National Anthem at a ‘send-off’ match before the Olympics on Monday.

This while WWII vet Pete DuPré performed a talented rendition of the Star-Spangled Banner on harmonica:

At least these pampered princesses refrained from falling on their knees before their god Black Lives Matter, as we have seen from grotesquely overpaid NFL, NBA, and MLB players. But if they expect us to care who wins Olympic events, it is not too much to ask of those in charge that they throw off the team anyone who refuses to show respect for America.

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