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Dec 17 2021

Realtors Suppress Crime Info to Be Woke

We require factual information to make rational decisions. But factual information almost invariably undermines the liberal narrative. So the liberal establishment suppresses it. This can have consequences for home-buyers:

When searching for a home to rent or buy, the two top priorities for most people beyond the affordability of the house is whether or not it is in a safe neighborhood and whether or not it is close to good schools.

Finding a safe neighborhood is particularly important now that Democrats’ war on local police and the rise of Black Lives Matter and Antifa have turned many formerly safe neighborhoods into war zones. Don’t expect help from realtors in avoiding unsafe neighborhoods; that would be racist.

Earlier this week in a post with the headline “An Invitation to the Industry: Address Fair Housing Together,” CEO David Doctorow wrote about “the challenges” communities of color allegedly face not just in the homebuying process but in the home selling process as well. And after collaborating with proponents of “fair housing,” Doctorow said one thing had done was to remove crime data from their search engines.

Doctorow says real estate agencies can “shine a light on inequity and promote fairness” by “rethinking” how they characterize neighborhoods so as not to “penalize communities of color” — i.e., by deceiving clients about the safety of certain neighborhoods.

On the same day – and likely not by coincidence – Redfin chief growth officer Christian Taubman announced that though the company had previously considered including crime mapping on their website, that it would not be doing so going forward because “there’s too great a risk of this [crime data] inaccuracy reinforcing racial bias.”

Living under totalitarianism means that any information that does not reinforce the party line will be suppressed. Consequently, we must reject everything we are told as a probable lie, and try to figure out the truth for ourselves based on the patterns we observe.

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