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Jun 24 2021

Restaurant Equity Charge

Moonbats often find ways to monetize their moonbattery. In Minneapolis, ground zero for the race riots that have torn America apart over the past year, a local restaurant hits customers with an equity charge after calling them bigots:

Located in southwest Minneapolis, Broders Pasta Bar is a local gem. It has a great outdoor patio and the best Italian cuisine in the Twin Cities.

However, the restaurant is not recommended.

On its website, Broders’ has a notice to customers notifying them of a new 15 percent “benefits and equity” charge they’ve instituted.

This is justified in part by customers being racist and sexist.

“Studies have also shown that there is inequity and built-in bias in the way consumers give tips,” the statement reads. “In general, Black or Brown servers receive less tips than Caucasian servers. There is gender bias as well.”

The studies are left uncited.

The final part of the statement says the new policy stems from wider racial injustice and is not a substitute for gratuity.

Broders’ isn’t alone:

Pizzeria Toro, a North Carolina restaurant, recently announced that it is introducing a 20 percent Living Wage Fee.

If people put up with these extra charges in the name of moonbattery, they will soon become universal. This can be avoided by refusing to patronize restaurants that impose them.

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