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Jun 24 2021

Cornell Course Explores Racial Aspect of Term “Black Holes”

Cornell University is an Ivy League school. Undergraduate tuition runs over $60,000 per year. A degree from Cornell is valuable for status purposes and to land a good job. As for what you are likely to learn there or at any other school run by moonbats, consider this:

Cornell University has introduced an astronomy course to explore the connection between the term black holes and “racial blackness” — proof, say critics, that even the hard sciences aren’t immune to universal “racial hysteria.”

The course “Black Holes: Race and the Cosmos,” is taught by an astronomy professor and a comparative literature professor.

“Conventional wisdom would have it that the ‘black’ in black holes has nothing to do with race. Surely there can be no connection between the cosmos and the idea of racial blackness. Can there?” reads the college catalog description.

Students at the Ivy League school are taught that readings, music and art “implicitly and explicitly posit just such a connection,” according to the description.

Dallas County Commissioner John Wiley Price has been vindicated. Back in 2008, this petty demagogue elicited guffaws by complaining that the term “black hole” oppresses him:

Price told that he believed it and other terms were racist.

“So if it’s ‘angel food cake,’ it’s white. If it’s ‘devil’s food cake,’ it’s black. If you’re the ‘black sheep of the family,’ then you gotta be bad, you know. ‘White sheep,’ you’re okay. You know?” Price said.

The Ivy League has caught up to Price’s mentality in its race into the black hole of absolute idiocy. Don’t be surprised if Harvard and Yale offer courses exploring the problematicness of cake names and sheep colors.

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