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Dec 03 2020

Roman History Slated for Erasure

If all the great figures of Southern history and even the South itself as a cultural entity must be erased because of slavery, what about the ancient Romans? They had slaves.

Sure enough, Ivy League wokesters are already frog-marching classical Rome to the memory hole, although it isn’t because of slaves:

Is there room for ancient history in the Ivy League? A group called Decolonization at Brown doesn’t think so. It demands the university tear down statues of two Roman emperors, Caesar Augustus and Marcus Aurelius, on the ground that they “celebrate ongoing colonialism in the United States and idealize white, Western civilization—both of which continue to cause harm at Brown today,” as four of the decolonizers put it in an op-ed for the student newspaper, the Brown Daily Herald.

Progressives quickly escalated their war on statues from Robert E. Lee to the Founding Fathers and Christopher Columbus. They want to erase not just the South, but America as a whole. They hate it because it represents Western Civilization and is mainly populated by Caucasians.

Critical theory aims to undermine not America per se, but the West. Political correctness would phase out not just flyover state deplorables, but the European race. The ideology that has appropriated the name “liberalism” is truly an existential threat.

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