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Apr 28 2022

Satellites Denounced for Offending Indigenous Belief Systems

The satellites we rely on for communication are offensive to aboriginal belief systems. The moonbats at sound the alarm:

Since time immemorial, Indigenous peoples worldwide have observed, tracked and memorized all the visible objects in the night sky.

This ancient star knowledge was meticulously ingrained with practical knowledge of the land, sky, waters, community and the Dreaming—and passed down through generations.

One of the most well-known and celebrated Aboriginal constellations is the Emu in the Sky, which appears in the southern sky early in the year. It is an example of a dark constellation, which means it’s characterized by particularly dark patches in the sky, rather than stars.

Conversely, space technology companies such as Starlink are increasingly competing to dominate the skies, and potentially change them forever.

By a remarkable coincidence, Starlink is run by SpaceX, which in turn is run by Elon Musk, who recently became a thought criminal by promising to bring free speech and transparency to Twitter. No doubt Musk has committed many more offenses against the marginalized that the media will expose in the coming months.

The modern-day space race has led to thousands of satellites being scattered through Earth’s outer orbits. If left unchallenged, these companies risk overpopulating an already crowded space environment—potentially pushing dark skies to extinction.

Starlink has already launched 1,700 satellites and plans 30,000 more over the next 10 years. They will provide improved Internet access across the world.

But even if they deliver on this, sky gazers—and especially Indigenous peoples—are left to wonder: at what cost?

A science publication piously complains that satellites providing advanced communication offend savages by lighting up the darkness. Nothing could be more emblematic of moonbattery’s effect on everything it infects.

From the liberal point of view, communication satellites are emblematic of the problematicness of civilization. Brace for a lecture:

Desecrating the sky impacts Indigenous sovereignty as it limits access to their knowledge system, in the same ways desecrating the land has removed First Peoples from their countries, cultures and ways of life. …

Indigenous histories teach us about the devastating consequences of colonialism, and how the impacts of the colonial agenda can be mitigated through prioritizing the health of country and community.

In the words of astronomer Aparna Venkatesan and colleagues: “…the manner and pace of ‘occupying’ near-Earth space raise the risk of repeating the mistakes of colonization on a cosmic scale.”

Just by using the Internet, you are participating in the colonization of near-Earth space at the expense of indigenous belief systems. Feel guilty!

Christians are relentlessly mocked for their faith. But savage beliefs are catered to obsequiously. Expect liberal authorities to signal their virtue by imposing an indigenous religion preservation tax on satellites.

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