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Nov 21 2022

School Board Follies

You can learn a lot about the corrosive effect moonbattery is having on society by sitting in on school board meetings.

In this graphic clip, a parent in Frisco, Texas is chastised for reading from the porn they stock the school library with — because a child is present in the board room:

Surprisingly, the sex described was heteronormative. No doubt Frisco Independent School District will promptly replace it with something more LGBT-compliant.

This Central Bucks School District meeting in Doylestown, Pennsylvania clarifies why it is okay that girls can’t win when boys are allowed to compete as girls to mollify LGBT bullies. Who cares about winning? The purpose of sports is inclusion — that is to say, moonbattery:

Alarmingly, the same policy has been adopted by the Pentagon. It doesn’t matter if the ChiComs drub us, so long as pronoun dictates are obeyed and lots of gay sex occurs in the barracks.

Of all the institutions leftists have infiltrated, infested, subverted, and subordinated to their warped ideology, none has provided a greater opportunity to inflict damage on society than school boards. Liberal social engineers have been exploiting them to create a generation of morally vacuous, sexually confused, self-hating moonbats.

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