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Nov 21 2022

Moonbat Meat Fizzles

The synthetic meat leftist social engineers want us to eat is not sizzling but fizzling:

Just a few years ago, the rise of plant-based meat seemed inevitable. Major grocery stores and fast food joints started adding these faux meat alternatives to their product mix as consumer demand skyrocketed.

The pitch has been that people should attempt to ingest this pricey substance not because it is food but so as to showcase their moonbattery.

Beyond Meat and Impossible Foods mention “climate change” and “animal welfare” several times on their website and in corporate reports.

If you can believe that eating this gunk will improve the weather, it should be a cinch to believe that farm animals will benefit from there being no farm animals.

The marketing strategy worked initially, driving double-digit annual sales for both companies and major brand partnerships. However, the growing cynicism about woke capitalism has upended this strategy. …

Deloitte Consulting … suggests that consumer disenchantment with the term “woke” is making these products less appealing for the average shopper.

People are getting fed up with self-righteous liberalism — and none too soon:

Describing the development as “a food revolution,” the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) on Wednesday declared lab-grown chicken meat developed by Berkeley, California-based food-tech firm Upside Foods is safe for human consumption.

Like the rest of the federal behemoth, the FDA’s main purpose is to promote moonbattery and enrich friends of Democrats.

The FDA and some media outlets cheered the news — but others, including scientists and food safety advocates, expressed concerns about the adequacy of the FDA’s preliminary review process.

Experts who spoke to The Defender also questioned the safety of lab-grown meat, which is produced with gene-edited cells, and some scientists argued that, despite claims to the contrary, the production process for lab-grown “meats” is energy-intensive and not, as advertised, beneficial to the environment.

Those who don’t trust Covid vaccines won’t want to be in the same room as fake meat after reading about the genetic manipulation techniques used to fabricate this ultimate Frankenfood.

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