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Jun 12 2021

Sea Level Panic Debunked

Maybe slightly warmer weather is not something that we would submit to poverty and authoritarianism in a futile effort to avoid. But what about rising sea levels? Rutgers Laboratory Research Associate Jennifer Walker, PhD got 15 seconds of fame by shrieking that the rising sea level in Connecticut is much worse than expected:

“One, we have these increasing rates of sea-level rise. It’s this acceleration that’s important. And then also what’s causing that acceleration and that’s that global component because of climate change.”

Her media megaphone makes sure you get the message:

This means more flooding and more destroyed homes, and land that will continue to become underwater moving the coastline inland more and more every year.

What’s causing it? According to experts, in a word… us. It all comes back to increased greenhouse gas emissions from humans causing climate change.

So how do we fix this? Laws need to be changed…

It would be difficult to enforce laws forbidding the sea level to rise. What they want is to pass laws that dramatically lower our standard of living, because according to leftist ideology, generating the energy that enables a modern lifestyle makes the weather too warm, which causes the sea to rise.

We had better bow our heads and let Biden’s handlers shut off our energy supply (see here, here, and here) — unless this is a load of baloney like all other global warming alarmism. Tony Heller investigates:

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