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Jan 07 2021

Self-Hating Whites Decline Grammy Nominations

Awards are now granted primarily on the basis of identity politics rather than merit. This concept has been so internalized by obediently self-hating Caucasians that they will actually turn down award nominations on the grounds that they belong to an unworthy identity group. Coercively subsidized NPR reports on an appalling display of self-directed race hate:

Three of the five acts nominated for the 2021 best children’s album Grammy Award are saying “no thanks.” They’re upset that the contenders in their category are all white.

One of them is Alastair Moock, whose nominated album, Be a Pain, is about American heroes who stood up for their principles: The Rev. Martin Luther King Jr., Harvey Milk, Rosa Parks, the Parkland, Fla., shooting student protesters and others.

It would be hard to out-moonbat Alastair Moock. Yet he is white, so he does not deserve a Grammy.

Joe Mailander of the Okee Dokee Brothers snorts that children’s music “is not just white guys with guitars playing for kids.”

The Okee Dokee Brothers, Moock and Dog on Fleas — all “white guys with guitars” — sent a letter to the Recording Academy asking that their names be removed from the final Grammy ballots. They wrote they “couldn’t in good conscience benefit from a process that has historically overlooked women and artists of color.”

To suggest that the entertainment industry is prejudiced against blacks and women is so preposterous that these moonbats ought to get an award just for implying it with a straight face.

Maybe they should identify as women as color. Then they would qualify for Grammys.

Andrew Cuomo can keep his Emmy, because despite growing up in the lap of privilege as the son of an earlier New York governor, he self-identifies as an illegal alien.

Entertainment awards are officially meaningless. The same holds wherever moonbattery has displaced merit.

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