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Nov 29 2021

Single Headline Obliterates Liberal Media’s Credibility

Only in a society succumbing to moonbattery can you read a headline like this one from England:

Teesside woman accused of exposing penis, using sex toy and masturbating in public

From the story:

Chloe Thompson … is charged with committing a public nuisance by indecently exposing her penis to other members of the public, whilst masturbating from a property window.

It happened in Middlesbrough last August 13, which was a busy day for “Chloe.”

On the same date, the 41-year-old is also alleged to have masturbated on the street in view of others.

A further complaint was also made to police after she was reportedly caught using a sex toy on Wellesley Road, Middlesbrough, on the same date.

Mr Thompson is explicitly referred to as “a woman.” Feminine pronouns are used to refer to him throughout.

If any good has come of the liberal establishment obsequiously capitulating to the LGBT movement’s outlandish demands, it is that even a small child should now know better than to take the media’s word for anything. If they would tell a lie as outrageously obvious as calling guys like this “women,” nothing else they say can be taken at face value.

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