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Dec 12 2020

Soccer Ref Banned for Referring to Black Guy as “Black Guy”

Political correctness rests on the precept that people are mean to sacred blacks. Since there is no mistreatment of blacks to speak of, it has to be fabricated. Progressives have tried to generate resentment by providing special favoritism to blacks and insulting whites at every opportunity. Since this hasn’t worked, microaggressions so miniscule that they don’t even exist are amplified into acts of racist brutality.

Despite the USA’s supposedly unique guilt, given that the entire society is based on slavery according to the New York Times’ 1619 Project, this is not an exclusively American phenomenon. Here’s an example from European soccer:

Romanian official Sebastian Coltescu was accused of racially abusing Basaksehir coach Pierre Webo by referring to him as the “black guy” or “ala negru” in Romanian.

Coltescu used the term “black guy” to single out Webo because all the other coaches were white.

As punishment, Coltescu has been banned for 10 games.

Fans get punished too — with yet more nauseating virtue signaling from athletes who conform to the demands of leftist social engineers with a mindless obedience that would shame sheep.

The players walked off the pitch in response to the incident and the match was suspended. …

The next night before the game was replayed, players wore “no to racism” t-shirts and took a knee before kick-off.

Next time Coltescu will keep his copy of the Newspeak Dictionary up to date. He should have known that the word “black” has been purged.

Considering that it is now racist to say “black guy,” what do you do if you find yourself in Coltescu’s position, and you want to refer to the one black guy among a group of white guys? Don’t say anything. Keep your mouth shut and hope no one notices that you exist. That’s the only way to get along in a society succumbing to a totalitarian ideology.

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