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Dec 02 2020

Newspeak Dictionary Purge

A major purge of the Newspeak Dictionary has been announced:

Students at Manchester University have demanded that the word “black” when used as a negative expression such as the word “blackmail” should be banned because it is “divisive.”

Woke militants who insist on framing every aspect of existence in the context of their Cultural Marxist ideology, the purpose of which is turn people against each other mainly on the basis of race, cannot stand for anything to be divisive.

“Blackmail” isn’t the only word to be deleted in this purge:

[T]he university’s student union demanded that “any other use of the word ‘black’ as an adjective to express negative connotations” should be banned in research papers, lecture slides, and books published by professors.

Rather than banning the many words and phrases with negative connotations that include the syllable “black,” it would be easier to forbid us from calling blacks “blacks.” This will happen anyway, for the same reason we are no longer allowed to say “Negro” unless referring to the United Negro College Fund.

Briefly, it was sufficient to capitalize “Black” to express obsequiousness, but then people started capitalizing “White” for consistency, contra Associated Press, defeating the purpose. Making us call blacks something other than “blacks” will reinforce that the social engineers can bend everyone’s language to their will.

“African Americans” is a suitable replacement term. It is of dubious accuracy, since most American blacks don’t even have an ancestor who has set foot in Africa in the past 200 years, and blacks in Europe are neither African nor American. Also, at seven syllables, it is too long to be spoken naturally. Merely pronouncing the term demonstrates a willingness to engage in absurdity out of deference to political correctness.

But before they can forbid us to call blacks “blacks,” they must forbid us to say “blackmail,” “blacklist,” “black sheep,” “black hole,” et cetera, ad nauseam. Then they will forbid us from using any term that casts the word “white” in a positive light (e.g., “white lie,” “white knight”). Only after these proscriptions have been imposed will the term “African American” be made mandatory. This will allow for maximum imposition on the way we talk.


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One Response to “Newspeak Dictionary Purge”

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