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Sep 24 2022

Someone Who Really Believes in Climate Doctrine

According to the dogma of our ruling class, we are all burning up because we won’t let Big Government grow enough and lower our standard of living enough to take control of the climate. No one actually believes this crap, or the fastest growing US city over the past few years would not be scorching hot Phoenix, and quintessential liberal elitist Barack Obama would not own a mansion at sea level on Martha’s Vineyard, which would soon be underwater if Al Gore’s prophesies were to start coming true.

Hold on — here’s someone who genuinely does believe in climate doctrine:

Play in Friday’s Laver Cup match between Stefanos Tsitsipas and Diego Schwartzman was interrupted as a protester went on the court and set himself on fire.

The man was quickly dragged off the court unharmed and play resumed shortly thereafter. According to spectators, the man brought a flare onto London’s The 02 Arena and used it to set his arm on fire before security was able to put the fire out. …

The protester was wearing a shirt that said “End UK private jets.”

Private jets make it be too hot outside, according to the Liberal World Order. Presumably this does not include the private jets Climate Czar John Kerry flies around on to accept climate awards.

You can’t say no one is burning up from climate change. This guy is:

People who worship the weather are savages. Reasoning with them is not an option.

On a tip from Wiggins.


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