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Jul 17 2022

Sri Lanka President Toppled Over Green Agenda

The globalist green agenda calls to mind the lunatic utopian ambitions of the Khmer Rouge, which managed to kill as much as 30% of the population of Cambodia. Fortunately, pushback has begun — and not only in the Netherlands. Sri Lanka’s president Gotabaya Rajapaksa has been toppled for inflicting green tyranny:

He campaigned for president in 2019 on a platform that promised a form of technocratic utopia, including the commitment to turn Sri Lankan agriculture completely organic in a decade.

But the relatively educated, middle-income population balked when it got what it voted for, just as the American population is beginning to balk after grasping the implications of Biden’s hostility to the fossil fuels we require to survive.

On April 27, 2021—with no warning, and with no attempt to teach farmers how to cope with the change—he announced a ban on all synthetic fertilizers and pesticides. Henceforth, he decreed, Sri Lankan agriculture would be 100% organic.

The economic consequences were predictably catastrophic.

Food prices soared as a result of scarcity and Sri Lanka’s people, their pockets already hit by the pandemic, began to go hungry. To add to the stench of failure, a shipload of manure from China had to be turned back after samples revealed dangerous levels of bacteria.

Communist manure is more politically correct than fertilizer, but that does not mean it will keep people fed. Turns out, people like to eat more than they like moonbattery.

Having overstepped to the point of being forcibly thrown out of power, green authoritarians will temper their arrogance, right? Of course not:

The U.K.-based Soil Association tweeted this: “Lots of lessons to be learnt from Sri Lanka, but ‘see, organic doesn’t work’ isn’t one of them.”

Sure it is. But the main lesson is that we will starve if we do not pry envirotyrants from power.

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