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Jul 02 2021

Stacey Abrams Rides Racist Rhetoric From Rags to Riches

Democrat pols are nowhere near as dumb as their rhetoric. Consider Stacey Abrams. In 2018, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported this:

Abrams, the former House minority leader, reported a net worth of about $110,000, with $520,000 in assets – mostly tied up in her Atlanta townhouse – and $410,000 in liabilities. Beyond her mortgage, those debts included a nearly $100,000 student loan and about $50,000 owed to the Internal Revenue Service.

In 2018, she lost the race for Governor of Georgia, although she childishly refused to concede. Since then, she has spent her time screeching irresponsible and inflammatory racial rhetoric, demanding “reparations” for blacks, praising divisive identity politics, commanding Biden to choose a black VP (preferably herself), participating in a racist town hall event featuring professional Caucasian-haters like Nikole Hannah-Jones and Ibram X. Kendi, accusing the cop who shot Rayshard Brooks in self-defense of murder, denouncing America for the imaginary sin of “systemic racism,” outrageously comparing mild election integrity measures to Jim Crow laws, leaning on Major League Baseball to move the All-Star Game out of Atlanta to punish her own state for passing such measures, et cetera.

Whatever the currently acceptable euphemism for “mentally retarded” may be, it would seem to fit Abrams. But if she is half as dumb as she seems, explain this:

Abrams now owns two homes in Georgia collectively worth $1.4 million despite having been hundreds of thousands of dollars in debt before her unsuccessful run against Gov. Brian Kemp.

Now she is trying to cover their tracks:

Abrams has made a series of property purchases in DeKalb County that have been scrubbed from the county tax assessor’s website, according to records obtained by Fox News.

Not so dumb after all. Like most anticapitalist demagogues, particularly the race-baiting type, she knows how to acquire the big money. Those who vote people like her into power, on the other hand, might really be dummies.

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