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May 10 2021

Starbucks Threatens to Leave Facebook

It isn’t just the Democratic Party. Starbucks is also leaning on Facebook to impose more censorship on conservatives. The massive company is threatening to leave the platform if people don’t stop objecting to its moonbattery.

Via Daily Wire:

“Starbucks is in the process of evaluating their organic presence on FB, and whether they should continue to have a presence on the platform at all,” an employee at Facebook told colleagues last week. “Anytime [sic] they post (organically) in regards to social issues or their mission & values work (e.g. BLM, LGBTQ, sustainability/climate change, etc.) they are overwhelmed by negative/insensitive, hate speech related comments on their posts.”

Anyone who voices disapproval of leftist stances commits hate speech, which Facebook has been under pressure to ban. Given Mark Zuckerberg’s leftist proclivities, they won’t have to twist his arm very hard. But here’s an extra twist, just to make sure he plays along:

“While some changes have been implemented, we believe more can be done to create welcoming and inclusive online communities,” Starbucks spokesperson Sanja Gould said in a statement to Buzzfeed. “We work collaboratively with all companies we do business with to ensure any advertising done on our behalf is in alignment with our brand standards.”

Among the reasons Starbucks is not always greeted with the fawning approval it demands are its pushy support for Black Lives Matter maniacs and its hostility to law enforcement. Police officers have repeatedly been made aware that they are not welcome at Starbucks, any more than criticism of Starbucks will be welcome on Facebook if Starbucks gets its way. If it doesn’t and makes good on its threat, it will be one of the largest companies to sever ties with Facebook.

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