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Jan 10 2022

State of Decay

It seemed absurd when Joe Biden promised to unite America and then proceeded to ram through a radical left agenda, warming up the cold civil war. But in a sense, he has united us after all. One year into the presidency of Decay Incarnate, at least there is one thing almost everyone can agree on: America is in a state of decay.

A poll conducted in late December by the Trafalgar Group asked whether American society and culture are “in a state of decay or a state of progress.” An overwhelming 76.8% acknowledged that we are in a state of decay. Less than 10% consider this mess to be a “state of progress.”

Even most Democrats admitted we are in a state of decay (61%). Nonpartisan/other (81.8%) were closer to Republicans (85.9%) in choosing this answer. The age group most likely to answer state of decay was young people aged 18–24.

No wonder the Democrats overseeing our decline are putting all their chips on seizing control of elections at the federal level so as to prevent voters from determining who wins.

It is not too late to turn the country around, but we will have to act resolutely.

Hat tip: Not the Bee.


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