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Jan 20 2021

Stephen King Provides a Real Scare

The Democrat Party represents an alliance of the liberal elite and the welfare class that it grows for votes the way farmers raise chickens for their eggs. Everyone in between is regarded as an enemy to be despised, marginalized, and eventually destroyed, as the middle class has largely already been destroyed in single-party California. Liberal elitist Stephen King reveals the ruling class attitude toward waitresses — and toward political opposition. It is much scarier than anything in the schlock horror novels that made him so rich:

After he was called out for his nastiness, King issued an apology to waitresses for letting slip his attitude toward them.

I don’t see any apologies for Kayleigh McEnany, the direct target of his malicious gloating. What delights King is that this conspicuously capable, Harvard-educated woman might have to work a low-paying job because King’s fellow liberal elitists will see to it that she is canceled for her association with the outgoing administration. This is more disturbing than his snobbery toward waitresses.

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