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Aug 22 2020

Sumter Mayoral Candidate Sabrina Belcher Arrested for Hoax

With the cult of racial grievance having achieved such predominance that athletes kneel to Black Lives Matter as if to a deity before sporting events, it is no longer necessary to use hate hoaxes to raise awareness of nonexistent oppression. However, the habit of staging hoaxes to generate sympathy and thereby achieve power dies hard. Sabrina Belcher reportedly employed a hoax to give her a leg up in the race for Mayor of Sumter, South Carolina:

Belcher, 29, was arrested and charged with conspiracy and filing a false police report after Sumter police say she filmed herself being kidnapped, beaten and robbed on Facebook earlier this week.

Christopher James Eaddy has been charged as her accomplice.

“They staged a kidnapping and beating in order to garner publicity, sympathy and votes in the November election,” police said.

Belcher has billed herself as the historic first “Black female candidate ever to run” for the office.

America would have better leadership if people would run for office based on actual qualifications, instead of victim status and artificially generated sympathy.

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