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Nov 05 2020

Ted Wheeler Hangs On, Portland Still a Mess

Congratulations to Ted Wheeler, who was reelected Mayor of Portland. He is conspicuously awful at his job — allowing Antifa goons to rule the streets, presiding over more than 100 riots so far this year (and counting), refusing to take sides in the conflict between civilization and the anarchocommunist thugs burning down his city. Only New York’s Bill de Blasio could claim to be a worse mayor. But at least Wheeler isn’t his opponent Sarah Iannarone, who ran on the platform “I am Antifa.”

Maybe the reelected Ted Wheeler will be new and improved, as the Democrats running the region finally take some responsibility for maintaining public safety:

Wheeler may realize that the only reason he is still in office is that sane people who have not yet escaped Portland could not elect anyone better at this point. He is a moonbat, but circumstances have forced him onto the side of those who value law and order. Here’s what his fellow progressives think about him (sorry about the language):

Local media crows that Wheeler will be “the only straight white guy” on the City Council. Moonbats choose their candidates on the ostensible basis of not being straight white guys; this absolves candidates of lacking more meaningful qualifications. Their actual qualification in a place like Portland is that they are barking moonbats:

Looks like “police reform” will top the agenda. Buckle up for more anarchy.

If voter fraud fails to preserve Biden’s slim lead, the violence will be explosive — though only in the short term. Conversely, if Biden or rather Harris takes power, there will be encouragement from DC, so rioting in places like Portland will become the new normal until these cities dry up and die.

On tips from Kate P and Pork_Soda.


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