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Jan 16 2022

The Decay of America

Democrats are sometimes straightforward about their plan to achieve a permanent majority by demographically transforming the USA through immigration and welfare policy. Their figurehead Joe Biden crows triumphantly about the core population becoming a minority in its own country.

Acknowledging this demographic transformation is allowed only so long as it is presented as a good thing; otherwise, anyone who mentions it is subject to cancelation for racism.

However, the negative aspects are conspicuous, forbidden as we may be from discussing them. These include social incohesion and political destabilization, possibly leading to societal collapse.

Americans refused to heed the warnings of Yuri Bezmenov. Maybe they will listen to Vladimir Zhirinovsky:

Russians have some experience with being a collapsing superpower. The difference with America is that the collapse has been self-imposed.

The demographic strategy may not work out according to the Democrat plan. A recent poll found that Biden has 32% approval among whites — and 28% approval among Hispanics. But no matter who ends up on top, radical demographic transformation will almost certainly result in discord and decline.

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