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Dec 06 2020

The Effect of Moonbattery of College Football

Moonbattery has a similar effect on everything it corrupts. Because of moonbattery, Western music went from Mozart and Beethoven to random postmodern noise that could be performed by a cat walking along a keyboard. Western art went from da Vinci and Rembrandt to “artists” literally squirting paint onto the canvas out their behinds (with lavish public funding). American politics went from James Madison to Joe Biden.

This story summarizes the effect moonbattery has had on college football. It follows up on gender pioneer Sarah Fuller kicking off for Vanderbilt in a men’s football game against Missouri last week:

During the 41-0 blowout loss, Fuller became the first woman to play in a major college football game when she kicked to start the second half. The ball went a staggering 30 yards.

“There were some people on the sideline tearing up,” quarterback Mike Wright said during a Saturday morning College GameDay segment on Fuller’s kick.

Here is what made the football players cry:

Sarah Fuller was named SEC Special Teams Player of the Week for that kick.

No matter what lengths of asininity and absurdity they achieve, progressives will continue to progress still further. Stand by for historic milestones featuring “otherly abled” quadriplegic football players.

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One Response to “The Effect of Moonbattery of College Football”

  1. […] Recall that Sarah Fuller moved her teammates on Vanderbilt’s men’s football team to sentimental tears with a lame squib kick during a 41–0 loss. Even that was not absurd enough to fully reflect the ridiculousness of moonbattery. So the liberals who run sports pushed the preposterousness still further: […]

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