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Dec 06 2020

Coronabucks Flow to Antifa, Black Lives Matter

To compensate for the economically crushing coronavirus restrictions, we get free money from the government, compliments of whoever gets stuck holding the bag on the national debt (likely us, through hyperinflation). This free money comprises a looting spree. As usual, the looted money flows in the direction of those favored by the liberal ruling class — Marxist terrorists and black supremacist race rioters, for example:

Apparently, the State of Oregon wants more antifa and Black Lives Matter rioting. At [a] time when violent rioters were setting fires, looting, and terrorizing the people of Portland, they were rewarded with U.S. CARES Act COVID relief funds.

Matt Christiansen has details:

How much of this is enough?

On a tip from KirklesWorth.


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